guide to the rite of her sacred fires

{ last year's ritual }


Everything I learned about Hecate I have learned from my own research plus devotee Cyndi Brannen. Please be aware there are many many ways to conduct this, I am simply sharing how I was taught. I recommend reading through this entire post all the way to the end before you actually begin the ritual, just so you're aware of everything. Also, be sure to perform it on the night of the May Full Moon!


{ brief intro to the goddess, my notes from the Keeping Her Keys book }


The purpose of The Rite of Her Sacred Fires is to claim your own fire, to ignite it within you. The ritual honors the goddess and activates the kinetic power of fire by connecting us to her Wheel of Fire, calling forth the power of her five sacred flames:

The Star Fire: the power of inspiration and mysticism
The Fire of Life: the spark of Anima Mundi (world soul) in all things
The Guiding Fire: Hecate’s torch that leads the way for our earthly journey
The Witch Fire: The unique essence of Hecate in her witches
The Fire of Destruction: the power of Hecate to destroy all things

List of what you will need:
Five candles (any type)
Mugwort (or thyme or sage)
Skullcap (in any form)
Pomegranate seeds

Before you begin, choose 3-4 aspects of Hecate that you want to work with during the ritual. This is to get her attention but also to truly narrow down what you need help with. Let each English interpretation guide you. Check out this link for a full list of aspects or epithets, or see below for her fire aspects of which you can choose. This year since the full moon will be in Scorpio, I am using Chthonia (Of the earth) as one aspect to counter the intense emotional energy that day.


Before you begin, check out the hand positions below. You will do them during the 6-part evocation section of the ritual. For one you will put your hands together (they will all be touching as in the picture) in the specific position and hold against your heart. For the others your hands will be in the same specific position but will either be pointing up (always the right hand) or down (always the left hand). All hand positions are cued within the ritual itself below.


Candles | Five candles will represent each of the five sacred flames. In the past, I have used Brannen’s method of creating a pentacle on a flat surface and placing each candle on each of its points (see the photo at the top of this post). Otherwise arrange them however you see fit. You can also take it a step further and carve Hecate’s name or each type of fire into each candle. Each candle will be lit by you during the ritual.

Hieros Pyr (Holy Fire) incense and ash | You will burn the mugwort, basil, and skullcap during the ritual. As it is burned it will create ash, which you will also use during the ritual. Note: You can burn incense in a charcoal disk to create the ash, or buy a bundle which you can find at any spiritual shop, and let a piece of it burn in a metal or ceramic bowl.

Holy Fire water | Drop 2-3 pinches of mugwort, basil, and skullcap (or several drops of skullcap if using liquid) in hot water. Let sit for 20-30 minutes. Then drop 113 grams of pomegranate seeds in, bring water to a boil. Let cool. Strain herbs but leave pomegranate seeds in water. Pour into any cup or mug you feel connected to.

The Ritual

To begin, always remember that the power is in you and no one is perfect. If you mess up just keep going, because nothing will stop Hecate if she wants to come through. Wash your hands to be clean and clear of anything physical or non left over from your day. Light the incense, and be sure it is close to you as you will need the ash it creates. Have the Holy Fire water close to you as well as you will need to sip it while you read different sections of the ritual.

1 Ground yourself. I get on the floor for this usually, I sit on my knees and then place myself down to the ground, my forehead touching the floor. I feel the earth and its roots coming up into me, then I go back down with them through each floor of my house and finally we get under the house and into the soil. I swim around in the soil for a while and feel how cold it is. Until I feel connected to the earth I do not get up.

2 Cast your circle. Since Hecate’s number is three, we do this 3x. Stand and face your unlit candles. Point your finger outward in front of you (if you don’t have a wand or anything specific). Turn clockwise and envision a white light appearing and surrounding you as you turn, until you face your candles again. Do this two more times.

3 Summon Hecate.
Hecate [first aspect you chose],
I call upon your energy on this night.
Hecate [second aspect],
Hecate [third aspect],
Hecate [fourth aspect or say Hieros Pyr],
Hecate Hieros Pyr [if you had a fourth aspect].
Bless this sacred space with your mighty presence,
Make available to me your energy on this night.

4 Recite the 6-part evocation. The below is from this article. It only lists 4 parts. The full evocation is available in the book Keeping Her Keys, in Lesson 6. You can purchase the Kindle version for quick access if you would like. Note: I know Hecate with a C, not a K (Hekate) and so I altered the way her name is spelled in the evocation. You will also notice I removed any "Hail" that was in there. Hail doesn't resonate with me and so I do not like saying it when I talk to her. To me it is how you resonate with her, so it is up to you how you would like to recite this. Remember the link to the original is here.

Part 1 – Evocation of Hecate’s Three Forms

(Hands together at heart center)

Hecate, Great Mother, I am grateful for Your presence in my life.
I implore You, attend this rite.
Hecate, who spins the web of the stars and governs the spiral of life.

I welcome you as Guardian, Queen of the Under World,
I welcome you as Guide of the Middle World,
I welcome you as Gatekeeper of the Mysteries.

Part 2: Evocation of the Energy Currents

Fierce Goddess, Attend your epithets!
I draw upon Your colors!

(Left hand down)
Black as night,

(Hands together at heart center)
Red as blood,

(Right hand to the sky)
White as stars.

(Hands together at heart center)

Lend me their energies,
I implore you, Mighty Queen!
I offer myself to You.
I bow before You,
Hear me, know my name.
(Bow your head, state your name).

Part 3: Evocation of the Three Forms

(Left hand down) Hecate

(Right hand up) Hecate

(Hands together at heart center) Hecate

I honor You as She of all forms.

(Left hand down)
I honor You as the Young Mistress,

And ask that You bestow upon this ritual the energy of youth.

(Hands at heart center)
I honor You as the Eternal Creatrix,

And ask that You send the power of creation to my working.

(Right hand up)
I honor You as the timeless World Soul,

And ask that You lend me your wisdom for this rite.

Part 4: Evocation of the Three Realms

(Left hand down) Hecate

(Right hand up) Hecate

(Hands together at heart center) Hecate

I honor you as She who rules over
The Under World, the Middle World and the Upper World.

(Left hand down)
I honor You as the Gatekeeper of All Under World and Goddess of the Daemon
May they strengthen my rite!

(Hands together at heart center)
I honor You as the Guardian of the Crossroads of the Middle World, the Universal Key Holder,
And seek Your guidance along my earth-bound journey.

(Right hand up)
I honor You as the Breath of the Universe and the Mother of Angels
Behold, I seek their assistance now!

(Left hand down) Hecate

(Right hand up) Hecate

(Hands together at heart center) Hecate.

5 Recite the story of Hecate’s Wheel of Fire. As you recite this, the red underlined words will cue you to light each candle. Five underlines for five candles. Read slowly and feel the fire rise in you as you recite each one.


5 Recite the ritual (credit). Sip the Holy Fire water throughout. I have marked in red when to anoint yourself with the ashes while you recite this. You can anoint any part of your body that you feel comfortable.

Hecate, I call upon you as the Hieros Pyr,
The Queen of the Sacred Fires,
Bestower of life,
Destroyer of lies.
You are the Wheel of Fire.
As the Star Fire,
You fuel the Upper World,
And the mysteries,
Grant me the power to see the structure of the universe,
To know the order and the chaos.
You are the Fire of the World,
Lend to me the flame of creation,
So that I can give life to all that I need to bring forth.
You are the guiding torch along my journey,
May I follow your path gladly.
Hail to thee as the source of the witch fire,
May I be ever strengthened by this flame.
And you are the fire of destruction.
Render me the wisdom to let go of that which must burn.
I summon the powers of your Hieros Pyr to me now.
I claim their powers by marking myself with ashes (anoint yourself),
And I bless this smoke, sending forth the power of your fires,
Hecate, Hieros Pyr!
I honor you on this night of your Sacred Fires!

6 Bid her farewell.
Hecate [first aspect you chose],
Hecate [second aspect],
Hecate [third aspect],
Hecate [fourth aspect or say Hieros Pyr],
Hecate Hieros Pyr [if fourth aspect],
Thankful am I for your presence, protection and blessings at this ritual.
I bid you farewell.

7 Open the circle. Stand again in front of your lit candles and point your finger outward, this time turning counterclockwise, while envisioning a white light disappearing as you turn, until you face your candles again. Do this two more times.

8 Ground yourself if needed.

If you have tarot cards, you can pull them now to reflect. I use a specific spread by Owl and Bones, and I drink the rest of the Holy Fire water throughout. When I am finished, I pour what is left in my cup outside, back into the earth.